Overcoming Medicine – Mastering The Medical Case In Personal Injury Claims

A Continuing Legal Education Presentation Sponsored By The South Carolina Bar Thomas M. Gagne, Esq. November 9, 2017 Columbia, South Carolina “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Hamlet (Act I, Scene V) Welcome to Overcoming Medicine– Mastering The Medical Case In Personal Injury Claims Before[…]

Live Seminar: Handling the Workers’ Compensation Case From Start to Finish

Mr. Thomas M Gagne will be speaking on the topic of Medical Issues During The Claim in Charleston SC at 1:15 pm on the 23rd of February. Details below: Gain Tips and Strategies From Experienced Practitioners Are you fully prepared to handle workers’ compensation claims? This strategic course walks you through the step-by-step practicalities of[…]

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Why do I need a lawyer?

If my case is compensable, why do I need a lawyer? Achieving compensability for your cases is only half the battle. Take good note: insurance accompanies do not have your interests at heart. Period. Insurance companies are corporations, usually public, and their allegiance lies exclusively with the stock price of their company. Look at it this[…]