Who is Thomas Gagné?

Thomas Gagné’s background and experience give him the ability to relate well with his clients. Coming from a working-class family, Tom grew up in New Hampshire, the only child of a sheet metal mechanic and a secretary. He learned the values of hard work, caring for others, and loyalty from his parents at an early age.

When he was seventeen, Cornell University offered Thomas a full – tuition scholarship, which he accepted, and although most of the costs of attendance were covered, he found he still needed to work to make ends meet. Thomas washed dishes, drove a taxi, worked construction, worked in shipping and receiving, waited tables, hung drywall, laid PVC pipe, and operated a forklift, among many other jobs.

These jobs not only provided the financial means for him to pursue his studies, they also gave him the perspective of the working man, understanding his hopes, dreams, challenges, and concerns. He knows what it’s like to suffer downsizing from a first-hand perspective. He knows what it’s like to injure yourself on the job. He knows what it’s like to have medical bills that are difficult to pay for.

Moreover, upon graduating law school, he understood it took more to being a good lawyer than just hanging out a shingle. Consequently, he joined the Army Jag Corps where he was immediately assigned more than 700 cases to resolve.

Former JAG Prosecutor, US Army

As a JAG attorney in the 1990s, Mr. Gagné was appointed as a special assistant United States attorney, trying cases in federal court involving civilians who committed crimes at Fort Jackson. This afforded him outstanding experience — the sheer number of cases he had handled was staggering! It was common for him to have hundreds of cases to handle at once. While challenging, this experience taught him how to use his time wisely, how to organize his resources, and how to get excellent results as a trial lawyer.

As a JAG attorney, he also tried cases at courts-martial as well as administrative disciplinary cases. This case-load only added to his exceptionally large fund of experience in trying cases. Mr. Gagné brings his experience to his practice in civilian life with gusto and has only sharpened his skills since leaving the United States Army.

Former Special Assistant United States Attorney

From 1992 to 1995 Mr. Gagné held the rank of captain in the United States Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps serving as a prosecutor and Special Assistant United States Attorney at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. As such he has tried and/or settled over 1000 cases. Tom possesses an exceptional fund of trial experience.

In 1998, he began to apply this experience in the civil law arena helping injured victims recover medically and financially. He has been doing so since that time and has gained what cannot be bought or learned in school — experience.

He has also instilled in his staff the understanding that his client is hurt — physically, financially, and psychologically — and needs special care. They need someone who can listen, help them understand the process, and give them hope.

What this Experience Means For You

Many people assume that a personal injury suit means going to trial. The fact is, 95% of our cases settle before going to trial. However, if a client is not satisfied with his settlements, we are prepared to go all the way.

While we cannot guarantee a favorable outcome, the vast majority of our cases produce an excellent one. However, each case may vary. Preparation and experience win trials. You can count on the Attorney Offices of Thomas Gagné, P.A. to possess these qualities. Above all, he will fight to see that his clients receive the best medical treatment and financial recovery allowed by law.

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