Slip & Falls

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The Attorney Offices of Thomas Gagné, P.A. has been handling slip and falls for over 20 years.

If you should slip and fall on a person’s property make sure that you take a picture of what you fell on. Many times a client will come to me and say she fell but cannot remember what they slipped on.

This is extremely damaging to your case. Make sure you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Make sure you get the name and address and phone number of the person who owns the property. Makes you make a report that person also. And make sure you call our offices at (864) 233-2000 in Greenville or (864) 591-1114 in Spartanburg immediately.

If you cannot afford medical attention, we will see to it that you get the attention you need! Don’t struggle through on your own — the sooner you call the faster we can get you the help you need!

No Recovery, No Fee. Guaranteed.

††Client will be liable for any expenses in addition to the fee. Fee will be computed “off the top” before deducting expenses.