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Continuing legal education lectures/webinars covering cross-examination techniques, workers’ compensation and personal injury practice for the South Carolina Bar and National Business Institute.

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Continuing Legal Education Lectures

Winning Strategies & Tips in Workers’ Compensation Practice/Selected Issues

Overcoming Medicine: Mastering the Medical Case in Personal Injury Claims

Selected Medical and Procedural Issues: Would the Real Diagnosis Please Stand Up?

Building PI Litigation Skills; Wound & Redemption Themes, Strategies and Other Topics
https://cle.scbar.org/Ondemand-CLE/Info/productcd/DL-384Savior, Jezebel, Zombiecat – The Three Faces of Evidence

Cross Examination: Theory and Techniques

The Art of Work in the Age of Anxiety

The Art of Work in the Age of Anxiety

An Essay By Thomas Gagne Immense harm is caused by the belief that work is virtuous. – Bertrand Russell Know Thyself. – Delphic Maxim The idea of work caught my imagination the other day. Not work in the sense of preparing for a deposition, or some such, but the idea...

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What is a lawsuit?

What is a lawsuit?

Many people think that hiring an attorney is synonymous with filing a lawsuit and then ultimately taking the case to trial. Nothing can be further from the truth. This impression is created by the media, in shows like Law and Order, where the crime is investigated,...

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