Why Choose The Attorney Offices of Thomas Gagné, P.A.

Obtaining money and medical care for your injuries from insurance companies is a fight, pure and simple. Insurance companies do not make money by paying out claims. Even if the claim is legitimate, insurance companies will do everything they can to minimize compensation payments.

Mr. Gagné has only represented injury victims for over twenty years. He did, however, learn the techniques of insurance defense while working for the United States Army as a claims chief. He, therefore, enjoys the knowledge of both the worlds of claim and defense. He has prosecuted literally thousands of personal injury claims and knows the tricks and techniques insurance companies use in order to slip out of paying them. By far, the biggest techniques insurance companies use to not pay you is to capitalize on your own mistakes during the course of the claim.

At the Attorney Offices of Thomas Gagné, P.A. we will show you what mistakes to avoid so as not to ruin your case. If you retain us, we will take the time to educate you about the dos and don’ts of filing a claim with the type of technical knowledge that could lose you or win you thousands of dollars in compensation. Focused experience is not just one attribute you look for when hiring a personal injury lawyer — it is the most important.

Many people think that injury lawyers automatically try cases before judges. The fact is, a well-prepared case will settle 90-95% of the time. Make no mistake, though: we are always willing and prepared to go to trial should settlement negotiations collapse.

You can be assured that Thomas Gagné will fight for all your damages and get you the money and medical attention that you deserve, both now and in the future. Do not delay — call us today at (864) 233-2000 in Greenville and at (864) 591-1114 in Spartanburg.

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