Overcoming Medicine: Mastering the Medical Case in Personal Injury Claims

Credit Hours: 1.098 MCLE credits In this presentation Thomas Gagné, esquire will explore: How to efficiently dissect medical records in tort and Workers’ Compensation Claims to quickly and thoroughly extract the medical evidence you need; How physicians think, some aspects are professional cognition in general, and employing is this knowledge to your advantage; You’re wrong![…]

Preparing Workers Compensation Case For Litigation

Credit hours: 1 MCLE credit Join Thomas Gagné for a thorough and practical presentation on litigation and hearing strategies for Workers’ Compensation and other administrative hearings. Tom is an experienced litigator and a powerful teacher who will provide you with the kind of user-friendly hearing preparation that will help you win your next Workers’ Compensation[…]

Winning Strategies And Tips And Workers’ Compensation Practice/Selected Issues

Credit Hours: 1.18 MCLE credits Join Thomas Gagné on winning strategies and tips in workers compensation practice. Thomas will provide with their potato guidance and answer the following questions for you and your clients on: The importance of the initial intake. To develop a case very early on in the process Getting unauthorized medical bills[…]

What is a lawsuit?

Many people think that hiring an attorney is synonymous with filing a lawsuit and then ultimately taking the case to trial. Nothing can be further from the truth. This impression is created by the media, in shows like Law and Order, where the crime is investigated, the criminal arrested, and the jury delivers its verdict[…]

Truck Accident Attorney

What do I do if I hurt myself at work?

Workplace injuries are extremely common, so, first of all, don’t feel you’re “odd” or a “special case.” Employers know that workplace injuries are a business risk. That’s why most employers carry workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance works pretty much the same way as other insurance policies. The employer, whether it’s a big corporation or[…]