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Can I talk about my case with others?

It’s not a good idea to talk to anyone about your case. Sure, there are people with whom you may

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Why do I need a lawyer?

If my case is compensable, why do I need a lawyer? Achieving compensability for your cases is only half the battle.

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Choosing the correct medical provider

It’s crucial our auto or workers’ compensation clients see and are treated by the correct medical provider, given his or

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Quick Tip: Obtain timely medical treatment

Obtaining timely and proper medical treatment is the cornerstone of a well-managed personal injury case and one of the most

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Quick Tip: Don’t miss your medical appointments

A common challenge that I face when representing injured clients occurs when the client fails to make her doctors’ appointments.

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If you’ve been injured at work, tell your supervisor.

One of the legal requirements or “elements” of a workers’ compensation case is “notice”. That is, Your employer has a

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Will my case go to trial?

Clients often ask me if I think their case will go to trial. Some clients are spoiling for a fight,

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The National Trial Lawyers Announces Thomas M. Gagne as One of Its Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers in South

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Personal Injury is Like Chess

I’ve been a student of chess since age six — forty six years, and I am still learning the game. 


Playing Devils Advocate

Clients sometimes confuse playing devil’s advocate with actually advocating a different position from their own. It is my duty as

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Workers Compensation

Clients often ask me, “How can X do this?” It is not safe to assume that an employer knew the

Wc Tips

Workers Compensation Tips

Potential clients often call me wanting tips on how to handle the case themselves. Many believe that there is some


Negligence Cases

In negligence cases, if your case is viable, you are entitled to a plethora of damages. These include having your

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A Few Things You Should Know It is critically important in both workers compensation and tort cases to make all