It’s not a good idea to talk to anyone about your case. Sure, there are people with whom you may safely discuss your case, for instance, your spouse, but the better rule is: never discuss your case with anyone, except your lawyer and his staff. This applies to workers’ compensation cases as well as to other types of injury cases. Why?

The simple answer is that anything you say can be used against you in a court of law or other adjudicatory proceedings. Sound familiar? That’s because the foregoing statement is part of the Miranda warnings police are obligated to recite to persons under arrest. Spontaneous statements are admissible in criminal proceedings, and any statement, voluntary or not, is admissible in civil proceedings. (within certain parameters) which includes workers’ compensation and other tort cases.

Even if you make a statement about your case to your best friend, that friend is subject to subpoena and must truthfully disclose what you told her or face contempt. So – MUM is the word.