It’s crucial our auto or workers’ compensation clients see and are treated by the correct medical provider, given his or her particular condition. Many of my clients, before they see us, are satisfied with their family doctor, when she may not be the optimal medical provider for the case. Doctors are often not unbiased and would rather treat a patient themselves rather than give up control of the patient’s therapy to another medical professional.

Take the case of a general practitioner who is biased against chiropractor care. Many GP’s think chiropractic treatment ineffective or worse. However, it has been my experience that, depending on the type of injury, chiropractic treatment can be very beneficial.

Or consider the case of a chiropractor who thinks chiropractic care is a panacea for everything from a toothache to a hearing disorder. This is just simply not the case.

The lesson is: there is no such thing as a magic bullet when it comes to determining the right course of treatment for an individual who has been injured in a car wreck or at work. The victim’s medical history must be carefully taken and examined. The correct type of diagnostic test(s) must be conducted, and the patient/client’s own preferences must be identified and taken into account, among other things.

At The Attorney Offices of Thomas Gagne, we have the experience to know which course of treatment is best for you. We take the time to know our client as an individual, not just another injured body. It is critical we so in order to maximize your care and get you back to your old self as soon as possible without, mind you, breaking the bank on medical expenses.