It’s absurd that most insurance companies will pay less in bodily injury compensation for “low impact” vehicle collisions – those with property damage under one thousand dollars. Insurance companies reason that if the impact was “minor” than juries will buy the argument that the injuries suffered were also “minor.” Insurance defense attorneys will make a big dog and pony show of this in court – blowing up pictures of the vehicle, paying some expert to testify that the blow from the at-fault vehicle was “ relatively” light.

Insurance companies are wrong on two counts here. First, the average weight of an automobile is approximately two tons. That’s two tons of mass multiplied by how fast the vehicle was moving coursing through your body at the time of impact. Such force is never insignificant or minimal! Even at five miles per hour, the force is enough to cause serious bodily injury.

Secondly, many people have pre-existing conditions – especially orthopedic conditions which are especially susceptible to these forces. These persons are called “eggshell plaintiffs” by the law. There is certainly no such thing as a “minor impact” on these individuals, especially if the person is older.

Don’t let insurance companies devalue your claim by arguing that your auto accident was “a minor impact.”