Obtaining timely and proper medical treatment is the cornerstone of a well-managed personal injury case and one of the most important reason clients seek my counsel. Without medical attention, clients not only jeopardize their physical well-being but the value of their case as well.

Seeking and undergoing medical treatment is the bedrock evidence upon which a valid personal injury, car wreck or workers’ compensation claim rests. And not just any medical treatment but treatment designed to maximize the clients’ recovery for whatever injury she has suffered.

Given a significant and legitimate injury, it’s simply not enough for a client to visit her doctor a few times and then self-medicate or “tough it out on her own.” A thin post – accident treatment history usually results in a thin monetary recovery even if the client has suffered permanent impairment. Insurance companies reason that if a client is truly hurt she will seek medical attention and continue seeking medical treatment on a consistent basis until she is cured or she is as well as she is going to be.

The Attorney Offices of Thomas Gagne works with some of the finest doctors and therapists in South Carolina to assure that our clients receive only the best treatment. We work with medical providers and specialists experienced in managing a client’s particular injury — doctors who work closely with our office so that a client achieves maximum medical improvement as soon as possible. This, in turn, allows us to secure just compensation for the client’s pain and suffering as well her medical expenses, the past, and future.

Allow us to make you whole again, physically and financially. Our single-minded purpose is to help you get better fast and properly build your medical and legal cases to reflect the true nature of your injury.