Clients often ask me if I think their case will go to trial. Some clients are spoiling for a fight, while others are seriously afraid of the prospect. The fact is that ninety percent of my cases settle before trial or hearing. This percentage has remained steady during my entire twenty-year tenure as a personal injury attorney and is common to the industry. Why is this so? Because trials are very risky to all concerned. Experienced attorneys on both sides will usually put up good cases, but the decision often boils down to whom the jury likes better, really a popularity contest, without their applying the law to the facts, or analyzing witness’ credibilities. Moreover, the judiciary system would collapse if all cases went to trial — even if a just twenty to thirty percent went to trial. There simply are not enough resources – people, money, space. Still, at The Attorney Offices of Thomas Gagne, we prepare each case as if it’s going to trial, and develop the leverage needed to obtain just compensation. If the other side pushes us, you can count on us being ready.